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Article Consumers likely to save thanks to annual energy costs indicator has been published on EASME...
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The European YAECI (Yearly Appliance Energy Cost Indication) project was successfully completed on...

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The end of the YAECI project

19. 03. 2015

The European YAECI (Yearly Appliance Energy Cost Indication) project was successfully completed on 19th March 2015. Consumers, consumer associations and many of the retailers who participated in the...

Slovenian fair “DOM”

25. 02. 2015

The largest annual Slovenian fair “DOM” will take place in Ljubljana from 10th to 15th March 2015. YAECI will be present there with an info stand, various short presentations, discussion workshops, and an exhibition of appliances equipped with indicators kindly provided by Slovenian retailers engaged in the project.

Czech partner SEVEn's press conference took place in Prague on 03/02/2015

04. 02. 2015

Czech partner SEVEn's press conference took place in Prague on 03/02/2015.

Comprehensibility of the EU Energy Label – Results of two focus groups and a representative consumer survey

08. 01. 2015

Check interesting and comprehensive consumer survey on energy labeling and data on energy label.

New spanish brochure: The advantages to know the Energy consumption of our appliances in Euro

19. 12. 2014

The YAECI project, Yearly Annual Energy Cost Indicator, informs about the Energy Cost of the Appliances in Euro per year, this show much the consumer pays in the electric invoice due to use these products. Also promotes the Energy labeling for the European Consumers.

The brochure about "Las ventajas de conocer el consumo de nuestros electrodomésticos en euros" includes relevant aspects for the consumers mainly about the information of the appliances Energy consumption (Euro per year), "Advices for the acquisition of appliances", Results of the surveys that we did to retailers and consumers that did buy an efficient domestic appliance, Frequent asked questions.

Download here.

Narava-zdravje fair in Ljubljana, Slovenia

20. 11. 2014

YAECI was present at the 45th annual Narava-zdravje (Health-nature) fair in Ljubljana, Slovenia, between 13th and 16th of November 2014. YAECI partner-retailer Gorenje Studio displayed a number of advanced products there, and so did Siemens and Bosch. Visitors listened to presentations about the energy cost indicator and expressed their interest to see the indicators displayed in as many shops as possible. Something for the retailers to listen to.


Significant YAECI ad reach in Austria

04. 11. 2014

The AEA, Austrian YAECI partner with retailer Haas, has published flyer for customers with YAECI promotional information. The flyer printrun was 850 th. pcs and means significant reach in our YAECI campaign.

App ecoGator launched to the public

17. 10. 2014

The EcoGator app equips shoppers with independent shopping advice via their Android and iOS device so they can snap up the best available products without getting lost in today's maze of unclear...

Some more brochures and leaflets in partners' languages

17. 09. 2014

Check some new national brochures and leaflets in Partners Library section, especially some new materials from Romania, Austria, Slovenia and others.

Findings from a behavioural trial conducted in the UK

16. 09. 2014

Findings from a behavioural trial conducted in the UK by the Department of Energy and Climate Change and the John Lewis Partnership, involving the display of products running costs in shops:

New image gallery section

17. 06. 2014

Check the new Image Gallery where you can find the examples of operational costs indications across Europe and other promotional pictures.

New national brochures and leaflets

19. 05. 2014

Check some new national brochures and leaflets in Partners Library section, especially some materials from Slovenia and Croatia.

Spanish leaflet for operational costs

12. 05. 2014

Check the newest Spanish leaflet intended to show the basics of operational costs of appliances. Download here.

Appliance Energy Cost Indication - leaflet

19. 02. 2014

The brief and consumer oriented leaflet has been published. The leaflet is intended to inform consumers about basics of indication of energy costs of appliances.

Czech and Romanian brochure for retailers has been published

10. 02. 2014

The brochure regarding the indication of the running costs has been published in Czech and in Romanian. The brochure is intended to be a source of information for retailers.

Campaign to inform retailers and consumers in The Netherlands

19. 12. 2013

In November 2013, a second campaign was launched in the Netherlands to inform retailers and consumers about EnergieWeter. It resulted into a considerable amount of publicity in local newspapers and also in some national newspapers and consumer magazines. Advertisements and articles were published in trade magazines for electronica retailers in order to promote the use of the new YAECI database and the digital tool ‘Energieweter Op Maat’ for salesmen in the Dutch shops. Check the articles.

Appliance Energy Cost Indication

29. 11. 2013

Appliance Energy Cost Indication Brochure for retailers in English has been published.

YAECI presented at EEDAL conference

16. 09. 2013

The project YAECI has been presented at EEDAL conference. Please check the paper and the presentation.

YAECI on International Fair Of Agriculture And Food (AGRA)

05. 09. 2013

Slovenian project partner ZRMK presented latest YAECI activities and main goals of the project on the International Fair Of Agriculture And Food (AGRA). The fair took place in Gornja Radgona from 24th till 29th August 2013. For more information please visit

Seminar in Madrid, Spain

08. 07. 2013

Escan organized with the Association of Retailers of Appliances (Acema) the Seminar “Opportunities for the growth of the sales” where the Yaeci database was presented, Madrid, 7th June 2013. Please check here for details.

YAECI launches product database displaying yearly running costs

12. 06. 2013

The YAECI Project Consortium has launched a product database. The database consists of product detailed information and calculates yearly energy, and where relevant, water costs. Registered suppliers and retailers can access the database at The database aims to provide information on yearly energy costs of household appliances offered by retailers, and ensures that uniform data is supplied by Project Partners.

Partners interested in cooperation can register to the database as a national retailer or supplier. The registration process is approved by National Partners. Please contact your National Partner for more details.

List of participating retailers published

30. 05. 2013

Please have a look at the list of participating retailers who are willing to display the energy costs at their shops. The list will be updated continuously.

Leaflets for retailers and suppliers in Portuguese

20. 05. 2013

Check the newest leaflets in Portuguese: leaflet for retailer and leaflet for supplier.

Recommendation from the Secretary General of the EFER

05. 04. 2013

The project YAECI has obtained the letter of recommendation from Dirk Rutten, the Secretary General of the European Federation of Electronics Retailers (EFER).

YAECI makes a 2nd appearance on Slovenian national TV

08. 03. 2013

On March 5, 2013, the Slovenian partner, ZRMK, went live into the national morning programme of the TV Slovenia. Interviewed by Nadja Zobec, a journalist focusing on consumer topics, Anja Glušič and Miha Tomšič talked about the meaning and importance of energy labelling, and presented the idea of the yearly energy costs indicator for domestic appliances. Filming was made in the Merkur trade centre in BTC in Ljubljana. Have a look at the broadcast (starting at 44:58) here.


Slovenian partner presented YAECI on national TV

21. 02. 2013

The Slovenian partner, ZRMK, presented YAECI project on the 1st programme of the Slovenian national TV in prime time just before the evening news. Anja Glušič and Miha Tomšič explained to TV journalist Klementina Mikolič what is the rationale for presenting appliances' operational costs as additional information to consumers. If you are interested have a look at the time slot between 8:45 and 11:40:


ENA has published an article

31. 01. 2013

The Portuguese YAECI project partner, ENA - Energy and Environment Agency of Arrábida, has published an article to promote the YAECI project on June 27, 2012 at Setubal district portal named "Setubal na Rede". The mainly objective of the project was presented as well as the benefits of it for the consumers and advantages for the retailers and manufacturers. Please check the article here.

Slovene articles about promoting the project

25. 01. 2013

The Slovene YAECI project partner, ZRMK, has published several articles to promote the project. Please check the Library section at

Project approach and methodology defined

11. 01. 2013

The YAECI project consortium has delivered a document, defining its working methodology, product selection and calculations, related to the publishing on product´s energy running costs. Find the document here.

Escan presentations

17. 12. 2012

The Spanish YAECI project partner, Escan, has developed several presentations for inviting manufacturers and retailers for the Yaeci project and database. If you are a manufacturer of domestic appliances and you want to participate, please contact the National partner. If you are a retailer, you can benefit with the information of the energy cost of these products as a sales argument.

Articles in Spain

23. 11. 2012

Check the Library section for the new summary of published articles in Spain.

The YAECI web

20. 09. 2012

The YAECI web is now fully functional.

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