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Find out more about the materials published in individual countries, promoting the information about the product yearly costs to the general public, retailers and manufacturers.

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Vervang de koelkast op tijd!
Maurice Estourige 

The column is about the launch of a consumer campaign in October on timely replacing refridgerators and freezers which is supported by EnergieWeter.

6. 8. 2014
Campaign to inform retailers and consumers in The Netherlands
In November 2013, a second campaign was launched in the Netherlands to inform retailers and consumers about EnergieWeter. It resulted into a considerable amount of publicity in local newspapers and also in some national newspapers and consumer magazines. Advertisements and articles were published in trade magazines for electronica retailers in order to promote the use of the new YAECI database and the digital tool ‘Energieweter Op Maat’ for salesmen in the Dutch shops.
19. 12. 2013
YAECI logo
YAECI consortium 

The final YAECI logo

11. 9. 2012
Elektro Retail Magazine (ERM) - column
Maurice Estourgie 

Column on energy costs

3. 10. 2013
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