Tips to save energy at home

Choose the most economical appliance

Are you buying a new appliance? Then choose one that fits your household: a large fridge or television uses more electricity than a small one.

Lower consumption, lower electricity costs

Compare the annual electricity costs of the different appliances you have in mind. If they're not known, then look at the energy label (A+++ is most energy efficient) or ask about its electricity consumption.

Avoid energy leakage

Appliances on stand-by still use electricity, so-called energy leakage. You can reduce this by disconnecting appliances when you're not using them. This is especially true of older appliances. Go ahead and work out how much electricity (and money!) you will save if you do something about stand-by energy consumption.

Have an impact on your electricity bill

You can influence your electricity bill yourself: you'll make savings if you use your appliances more efficiently and if you turn them off when no one is using them.


For more tips on choosing smart appliances and using them wisely, contact individual national project partners, who can supply you with more targeted information.



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